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EasyShrimpSyes Line Master Black/Grey

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Less tangles, more fishing !
That really is the thruth about this new line tray, you simply get less tangles.
The Easy Shrimp Eyes Line Master is made to make your fly fishing experience absolutely amazing, with new thinking.
You get better line seperation than ever before with 26 pieces of XL curved spikes.
The spikes is around 10 centimeters long, and helps you to keep your fly line fixed, even in windy conditions.
The new XL flexible curved spike construction, helps to release the fly line excellent.
The base is large, it’s 28,5 centimeters wide, and 9,5 to 23,5 centimeters deep.

100 % Recycled Plastic

The large base plates are made of 100 % recycled plastic, and the base plates are collabsible as a brand new thing.
With the flexible belt, the total weight of the Line Master is only 309 grams, and is light to carry.
You get an integrated rod holder with a super strong coated magnet, to keep your fly in place.
Easy Shrimp Eyes donate 3 % of the profits for charity to help cleaning the worlds oceans.

The Easy Shrimp Eyes Line Master is a versatile fly line storage, that can be used for all types of fly fishing, from lake fishing of the bank, on a boat to creeks and rivers.
An exceptionally line storage for saltwater fly fishing from the shore, flats and rocks.
Don’t forget it also prevents your fly line from damage.

Tested And Approved By The Best
The Easy Shrimp Eyes Line Master has been tested from minus degrees to hot conditions on The Maldives and The Bahamas.

It took us over 4 years to make the Line Master as perfect as possible, and we have had several extremely skilled fly fishers, to help us testing this new line tray.

To mention a few, Niklaus Bauer, Robert Hansson, Daniel Bergman, Troels Holstein Kaa, Daniel D Holm, Mathias Krølle Rosenmejer Ibsen, and many many more..
That’s your guarantee that the product is approved and tested by the best !

The Easy Shrimp Eyes Line Master In Action