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RIO 15FT Replacement Tip Float

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  • 15ft replacement tips for VersiTip and Skagit lines with ultra-low stretch core for maximum sensitivity and performance.

    These tips have a tapered front end that allows for a much better presentation than level tungsten (“T”) tips. They are mostly available in five different densities; floating, intermediate, slow sinking (Type 3), fast sinking (Type 6) and extra fast sinking (Type 8) and have welded loops in both ends for easy attachment.

    15 ft tips are available in numerous different sizes as well as densities. Each tip has a color coded loop at the rear, and is printed with the tip size. Attach the printed end to the fly line.


    • Density Compensation (Not on Intermediate Sink Tip)
    • EasyID
    • Front Loop
    • Back Loop


    • ConnectCore