Shimano Sienna FG

299,00 kr.

The Sienna is a popular all round spinning reel known for its remarkable value. The ideal choice for new anglers, or anglers on a small budget, Sienna has the hallmarks of Shimano quality throughout its design, ensuring reliability and enjoyment whenever it is used.
It is quite remarkable how good the less expensive Shimano reels are. If you are an experienced angler looking to buy a reel for a new fisherman, a youngster or perhaps you want a spare reel for your own use, you’ll be surprised at how good the Sienna feels. Whilst it might not have the technology of the more expensive Shimano models, it is still a Shimano and that counts for a lot. It’s a reel that any young or inexperienced angler would want to own and use.
With 3 ball bearings, a roller bearing and Shimano gears in the engine room of the Sienna, you can’t help notice how well this model spins and rotates. This is further enhanced by the strong XT-7 body, which offers protection to the internal parts, should it be accidently dropped or mishandled. Remarkably the spool is made of aluminium, not inferior plastic, and it has an AR-C design which is also found on the most expensive Shimano models! All things considered, you get a lot of reel for your money when you buy a Sienna.


  • AR-C Spool
Model: Vægt: Gear Ratio: Bremse: Line kapacitet (Nylon):
2500 250g 5:0:1 4kg/9lb 0.25/160m
4000 320g 5:2:1 8,5kg/19lb 0.30/180m