Shimano Stradic FL

1.299,00 kr.

For years Stradic has been synonymous with all-around quality that doesn’t break the bank. And with good reason, because it does everything so well. Versatile enough in the smaller sizes for finesse fishing, strong enough in the mid and larger sizes for outsized predators, Stradic is an all time favourite that continues to impress anglers across the globe.
It doesn’t matter if you are the type of angler who fishes different methods for different species, or a single minded specialist, there’s a model in the Stradic series for you. It sits perfectly in the middle of the Coresolid range and delivers a serious amount of quality and technology, for a very reasonable price. It’s a reel that has been trusted by countless anglers worldwide and if it’s tough enough to tame tarpon on the Florida flats, it’s certainly up to anything you can throw at it in Europe. Put simply, you can trust Stradic FL to never let you down.
The Stradic features some of the very best HAGANE technology, including HAGANE Gear, X-SHIP, Micro Module II and Silent Drive. The quartet of features, housed inside the HAGANE Body, produces the unwavering smoothness you feel when using Stardic and delivers reassuring power when you need it most. Fish-playing is precise thanks to the Cross Carbon Drag washers, which perform superbly when under medium and extreme pressure and the addition of X-Protect means you can use this reel for anything from light rock fishing up to Sea Bass lure fishing in saltwater, as well as all freshwater environments. The addition of a Long Stroke AR-C spool further reinforces the versatility of this long-time Shimano favourite.


  • Hagane Gear
  • Micromodule II
  • X Ship
  • Hagane body
  • Silentdrive
  • X Protect
  • G Free Body
  • AR-C Spool
  • Long Stroke Spool
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • SA-RB
  • One-Piece Bail
Model: Vægt: Gear Ratio: Bremse: Line kapacitet (Nylon):
1000 185 5:1:1 3 Kg 0.18/170 m
2500HG 220 6:0:1 9 Kg 0.25/160 m
C3000 225 5:3:1 9 Kg 0.25/210 m
C3000HG 225 6:0:1 9 Kg 0.25/210 m
4000 280 5:3:1 11 Kg 0.30/180 m
4000XG 280 6:2:1 11 Kg 0.30/180