Shimano Sustain FJ

1.999,00 kr.

A member of the Magnumlite series, the Sustain combines supreme sensitivity and lightweight operation, with the strength to overcome the toughest of situations. Elegant, sleek and unquestionably stunning, Sustain also matches perfectly with the rods of the same name.
When it comes to head-turning reels, the Sustain is right up there with the best of them. The satin black body with chrome accents looks fantastic, but the true beauty of this reel is in the way it feels and performs. You’ll immediately notice how remarkably lightweight it is in your hand and the rotation almost defies logic, with only minimal pressure required to set the rotor moving. The smaller sizes are perfect for sensitive finesse type set-ups, whilst the larger 4000 and 5000 sizes deliver power to conquer the toughest freshwater and inshore saltwater species.
The secret of the Sustains lightweight rotation is the Magnumlite (MGL) rotor. Built from Shimano’s ultra light Ci4+ composite and perfectly balanced, it delivers light start-up rotation, faster hook-sets and increased sensitivity. Inside the tough aluminium body is a combination of HAGANE Gear, MicroModule II, X-SHIP and Silent Drive ensuring the very best winding performance, with smoothness to enhance your fishing experience and enjoyment. And when you hook into a powerful fish, you can be sure that the Cross Carbon Drag will give you the power and reassurance you expect from a Shimano reel.
X-Protect technology makes the Sustain saltwater safe and for distance casting the Long Stroke Spool design and AR-C Spool delivers vital extra metres.


  • Hagane Gear
  • Micromodule II
  • X Ship
  • Hagane body
  • X Protect
  • G Free Body
  • AR-C Spool
  • Long Stroke Spool
  • C14+
  • Rigid Support Drag
  • Cross Carbon Drag
  • SA-RB
  • One-Piece Bail
Model: Vægt: Gear Ratio: Bremse: Line kapacitet (Nylon):
C3000 210g 5:3:1 9kg/20lb 0.25/210m
C3000HG 210g 6:0:1 9kg/20lb 0.25/210m
4000 260g 5:3:1 11kg/24lb 0.30/180m