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Vision Coast

2.999,00 kr.

The Coast outfit was developed especially for the Baltic sea trout fishing but can naturally be used in large variety of fishing situations. It includes a medium fast action 4-piece Coast rod with aluminium reel seat, full wells handle and a fighting butt. The set has a highly popular Hero die cast aluminium reel and a two tone Meri fly line, which has 10 metre long slow intermediate head and integrated running line. Plenty of backing and a suitable leader are included. Everything is pre-spooled and ready for action. Packed in a protective cordura tube with a reel pouch.


  • Strong medium fast action four piece Coast rod
  • High quality Hero aluminum reel
  • Meri fly line with 10 m SloMo head
  • 20lb backing and a 9’ leader
  • All pre-spooled and ready for action
  • Comes in a cordura tube with a reel pouch


690-4 – 9′ #6

790-4 – 9′ #7