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Hybrid fly line is what you want it to be! It is a shooting head with an integrated running line. The line consists of a running line integrated into the head. Hybrid tips are sold separately. We are giving you the option to choose what you want from this line. First choose your style. Scandi, Skagit, Switch or Single Handed. Then select the proper weight of the belly for your selected style from our recommendation chart. Lastly buy a separately sold tip in the length you desire. All Hybrid tips will work on all Hybrid fly lines. You can also use our ACE T-tips.

“The hybrid is the ultimate fishing line. Situations that demand perfect presentation, active fishing technics, flexibility in sinking dept and superior contact with your fly the hybrid is your next go to line.” Anders Neteland, Norwegian salmon fly fishing maniac & Vision ambassador.

Because of the long coated running line we recommend these following backing lines:

7g – 23g:  Braided 28lb

27g – 47g: Braided 36lb

Hybrid floating Belly length Total length Item #
7g / 110grain 3.2m / 11ft 25m / 82ft VHY7F
10g / 150grain 4.2m / 16ft 25m / 82ft VHY10F
13g / 200grain 5.2m / 17ft 27m / 89ft VHY13F
16g / 250grain 5.5m / 18ft 27m / 89ft VHY16F
19g / 290grain 5.8m / 19ft 27m / 89ft VHY19F
23g / 350grain 6.1m / 20ft 27m / 89ft VHY23F
27g / 420grain 6.4m / 21ft 30m / 98ft VHY27F
31g / 480grain 6.7m / 22ft 30m / 98ft VHY31F
35g / 540grain 7.1m / 23ft 30m / 98ft VHY35F
39g / 600grain 7.4m / 24ft 30m / 98ft VHY39F
43g / 660grain 7.7m / 25ft 30m / 98ft VHY43F
47g / 720grain 8.0m / 26ft 30m / 98ft VHY47F